Creative Fun with Clothes Pegs

clothes pegs craftThis little crafty trick is something I picked up from Handimania yet again. I make it a point to have a stash of wooden pegs handy since we use them a lot for art, but this was the first time I encountered this particular project. It’s fun in the way pop-up books, puppets, and that chopped-off thumb “magic” trick are fun. This peg craft appealed to both my kids (6.5 and 1.5), and I think even older kids and adults will find it quite entertaining. Seeing that added element peek out elicits a pleasant kind of surprise. Younger kids are apt to play peek-a-boo with it. I’m not the greatest at drawing, but as you can see, I bravely soldiered on. If you’re not particularly skilled at drawing and would rather not bother trying, you could probably use pictures instead.

This is how this craft peg works:

ring and boxegg and birdcupcake and boxshell and pearlfish and wormmushroom and elf

Do you know any other tricks using clothes pegs? What other figures can you draw that would reveal something when you lift up the top part?

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