Quarantine Nature Scavenger Hunt

Do you miss immersing yourself in the natural world? Now more than ever, I wish my family lived in our own homestead. This quarantine wouldn’t be as oppressive if there was a bigger space in which to move around. At least we do have some outdoor space and a garden to which we can venture out (sans mask) for some fresh air and greenery.

We like going out though, especially to drive down to the river or up to the mountains so the kids can get their nature fix. Another usual outdoor recreation haunt for us that we greatly miss is the UP Diliman (my alma mater) campus, which seems to have acquired squirrels in the absence of the typical university bustle! Also, there are said to be sheep grazing on the grounds or hanging out at the jeepney stands! All these, of course, just make the hankering to see the place that much stronger.

I have to say that I’m the worst kind of introvert, but even I’m feeling penned up. I miss our church. I miss our homeschool co-op. I miss bumping into friends and acquaintances as I’m out and about. I miss eating out (how my heart breaks over all those long-running dining establishments that have been forced to permanently close their doors, or those that just opened and never even got the chance, or just all the businesses out there that have suffered and continue to suffer because of the pandemic). I also miss buying stuff from brick-and-mortar stores and not having to worry about exorbitant shipping fees. I’m most definitely craving our family road trips.

But I disgust myself when I get this whiny, so I compensate by finding ways to make the situation work.

Like I said, I crave nature and doing nature-oriented activities, but even in our concrete (or cinder block and plaster) cocoons, we can still encounter bits of the natural world (all very “A Tree Grows in Brooklyn”). As that cool Dr. Malcolm says, “Life finds a way.” If we bother to take our eyes away from the screens, we can find living nature, other than the humans, at home. If we take the time to register their presence and appreciate their existence, we’ll feel a connection with the fresh and living world out there and our minds are healthier for it.

We can consciously look out for these things in our confinement, and what better way to do that than with a Scavenger Hunt. This is always fun. At least, for me, it is.

I know we have different home situations, so I’m going to make a list each for those who are really pretty much limited to finding the items listed inside their homes, without even a window with a good view to look out of; for those who don’t have exterior space, but do have a nice view from a window; and for those who have a yard. I hope at least one of these can help you pass the time and the activity can help tide you over until you can venture out again.


It’s okay to include items in the fridge or pantry.


Repeat items ought to be different kinds, e.g. Bird 1 (sparrow), Bird 2 (pigeon), Bird 3 (crow).


Feel free to add interesting items you spotted to the list. 🙂

Outdoor Scavenger Hunt Ideas and Today’s Free and Bargain Kindle Books (4/23)

A late Earth Day greeting to you all! Did you do anything to celebrate or even just acknowledge Earth Day? Although older than the Earth Hour, it hasn’t received as much hype. I remember a time when not a lot of people knew about the Earth Hour and all those who knew about it simply turned off their power for an hour on the designated night. And, of course, blogged about it. Nowadays, it has become this big event with parties and concerts that use up massive amounts of power and create a lot of noise pollution. Sometimes it really saddens me when a good thing becomes hip or cool because its essence is somehow usually lost in the assimilation. Anyway, I like Earth Day, and I like that there were a lot of free Earth Day-themed printable activities going around the homeschooling community. Amazon also had some great deals related to Earth Day, btw. But first, I’d like to share ideas for an Earth Day-related activity that we’ll be doing this weekend at the park. I’ve always loved hunts — treasure hunts, scavenger hunts, egg hunts, etc. Next to word challenges and quiz bees, they’re my favorite kind of game; that’s why I’m super interested in geocaching. Anyway, the following are some ideas I picked up on Pinterest for a fun outdoor scavenger hunt.

Photo and idea from Jen of Kitchen Counter Chronicles

Photo and idea from the ladies of Small Fry Blog

Photo and idea from the ladies of Small Fry Blog (click image to visit their site for free printable)

Photo and idea from Gina Bell of East Coast Mommy (click image to visit her blog for free printable)

Photo and idea from Gina Bell of East Coast Mommy (click image to visit her blog for free printable)

Photo and idea from Betsy Nute of Bnute.blogspot.com (click the image to visit her blog for free printable)

Photo and idea from Betsy Nute of Bnute.blogspot.com (click the image to visit her blog for free printable)


And here are some of today’s free and bargain Kindle books. Remember, prices may change, so be sure to check if they still correspond with the ones stated below. You also can enjoy Kindle books even if you don’t have an actual e-reader. Simply download the free Kindle app for your particular device.

Bargain Books

Back Home Again (Tales from Grace Chapel Inn) $0.99

Earth Day, Birthday! $3.99

Recycle Every Day! $3.99

Stuff! Reduce, Reuse, Recycle $3.99

Free Books

I am Good at Lots of Things

Wedding Planning Survival Guide

Lit Pics: Drawing From Great Literature

Pappa Gander: the Less Better Half of Mother Goose


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