Order in the Home: Solution to T-shirt Drawer Chaos

BEFORE-AFTERThings must have certainly come to a pretty pass when you think T-shirt (or sock or underwear) drawers are meant to be messy, like it’s a hard and fast rule. To have an organized T-shirt drawer is to go against its very nature. To keep a T-shirt drawer consistently tidy is simply messing with the universe. Well, you probably can keep your weltenschaunng intact as the following tip isn’t going to reform the slovenly members of your family, but it will keep their T-shirt drawers neat much longer than you probably thought possible.

It’s really very simple. The solution would have been pretty obvious, but if you’re like me, I tend to be set in the ways I grew up with. Being practical is not something that comes naturally to me at all, so I have to be shown a better way for me to see the wisdom in other options. This time, the inspiration came from Darkroom and Dearly.

My husband would have a conniption fit at the quality of the pictures I’m posting here, but all I had access to when I organized our chest of drawers was our tablet, so please excuse the grainy pictures. I think you can get an idea how vastly better the new folding and storing system is than the old one.

T-shirt drawer

Is this something that you’ve been doing all along? Do you have a different yet also effective way of organizing your T-shirt drawer? Comments are much appreciated!

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