I Also Write about My Mother – Celebrating Her at 71

Today, we celebrate my mother’s birthday. She’s 71 years old. Things were touch and go with her for a while back in March, but with God’s grace and mercy, she has been steadily improving and is now pretty much back to her old self.

It was a hard year, but God’s goodness was evident every step of the way. Most notably for us, He allowed the miracle of Mom’s healing, and we’re very much grateful to still be enjoying her loving, warm, generous, and zany presence.

When Dad passed away, I shared an article I’d written about him some 20 years back. I found it among his things. My own copies had sadly been destroyed by Ondoy (Ketsana), so I was absolutely over the moon to discover that he had kept his own copy all these years, which also meant that I could retrieve something that I had believed to be forever lost.

When Mom was feeling better (it took months for her to regain her strength) and could start rooting through her things, she gave me clippings of a couple of articles I had written about her. I was absolutely ecstatic as my own copies of these had also been lost in the flood. As expected, I immediately scanned and laminated them.

On her birthday, I’d like to share them here. My mother is a gift, and I’m glad that I was able to express my appreciation for her early on through my writing. That’s thankfully not going to be a regret of mine. I’m aware of and value the blessing of having her for a parent.

Mother’s Calling – Philippine Daily Inquirer


A Letter to Mrs. Dolly S. Papa – Chic Magazine

If I may get a little punny here, I┬áreally did strike┬áthe mother lode with Mom. She’s maternally over the top, very selfless, and comically rabid as a grandmother. She has always been quite the character. Very few people can make me laugh as hard as my mom does. She also ingrained in me the enjoyment of the mundane – birdsong, the colors of sunset, butterflies and dragonflies flitting among the flowers, mushrooms sprouting in the garden, etc. Whenever I see something awe inspiring, my immediate thought always is, “I wish Mom could see this.” Thankfully, we can still enjoy many of life’s small delights together.

If you didn’t already know, I’ve just started vlogging and the latest episode is dedicated to my mom. You’ll see why.

Happy birthday, Mommy! My prayer is that you continue to enjoy God’s favor, do worthwhile things in your ministry, touch people’s lives, and be as extra as you’ve always been, especially in your laughter. You’re blessed to live past the biblical life span, so make sure to celebrate each day. Love you always!

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