Fishy Fun with Pipe Cleaners and Free Printable from Tickled Peach Studio

pipe cleaner fishPipe cleaners are something that I like to keep handy at home for craft projects and general fun. I was looking for activities to entertain my kids with when I came across this idea on a Pinterest board. My daughter has had several several sets of plastic fish with metal studs in their mouth when she was younger. I’m not sure why playing with them always got old right away, but I think it usually had something to do with the magnet in the “bait” getting lost. I was doubtful about the makeshift fish and rod holding an appeal for my daughter, but thankfully they did. She actually spent a lot of time fishing, and then tossing the fish back in. Our 1.5-year-old found the fish fascinating too, but he finds most things interesting anyway. He’s big on tossing the fish back in the fake water. The great thing about the pipe cleaner fish is that they don’t turn into clutter when their novelty wears off. They can be untwisted and returned to their container. They definitely can be used again for some other project or activity. I think we may try making those pipe cleaner finger puppets also featured on the board.


Tickled Peach Studio is offering a freebie in the form of a cute and clever reward chart. There are actually two options, one featuring cats and the other, dogs. The post also includes tips for using a behavior reward chart. Now, I used to have a weekly chart myself – but much of it was focused on homeschool tasks, so when we decided to ditch worksheets, I stopped with the chart as well. The reward chart from Tickled Peach Studio, incidentally, lists the behavior areas that my daughter usually struggles in, so this is perfect for us. I think parents of small children will really find this chart useful. It has the right items for ticking and is also appealing to kids’ sense of aesthetics. Hopefully, it will inspire the kids to be more mindful of their behavior.

Image grabbed from Click to access free printable.

Image grabbed from Click to access free printable.

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