We’re Back – with Bells on!

Let’s pretend that I didn’t have a three-almost four-year break in blogging. Let’s pretend that we’re continuing the conversation we had yesterday. Can we do that?

I’ll zip through the reason: deleted files in the server – it’s still a mystery how that happened. Since my blog wasn’t a paying client, it didn’t get priority. I lost momentum. I was pissed by the unnecessary interruption, so I decided to rage-quit blogging, my return to it, indefinite. It became clear to me that life was easier without the added task and responsibility. Later on, I convinced myself that I really just didn’t have time for it.

Of late, I always found myself wracked with guilt, grief, and desperation over my situation. I was constantly overwhelmed with work, chores, and motherhood. I felt like a piece of flotsam buoyed by the waves, with no control of my direction. I was constantly behind schedule, my performance in all my present roles were not up to my usual standards, and there was a distinct lack of joy and contentment. That basically means that I had once again succumbed to my negative and perfectionist nature.

Nobody’s harsher than me when it came to judging and punishing myself, so…

A mentality overhaul was in order. Yet again. Also, experimenting with different time management, life organization hacks, and whatnot. Perfectionist urge aside, I really do need to be more efficient and more intentional. I want better quality time with the people who matter most to me. I also need to take better care of myself. Blogging helped me do these in the past. Writing about my efforts and experiences allowed me to introspect and regularly check if I was being true to my ideals and living purposefully.

With the re-birth of Our Lemonade Days, I’ll continue with the old categories and add a new one. Two years ago, my second child was diagnosed to be on the autism spectrum, so I’ve decided to also use this blog to reach out to other families living with ASD, sharing ideas for at-home occupational and speech therapy activities as well as other tips for helping our ASD loved ones cope with this neurotypical world. Hopefully, this blog can offer support and extend some level of comfort to others in a similar situation.

We’re also going to be experimenting with a YouTube channel. When I say we, I mean my daughter and I. She’s 10 years old now (Time just zipped by!). In any case, we plan to produce videos to accompany some (not all) of our posts here, especially ones that involve tutorials.

By the way, sometime during this blogging hiatus, we were blessed with our third child, Sawyer. He just turned two in January. He has a stunning smile, a quick temper, and no plans of getting weaned any time soon.

I’ve also updated Spinning Lovely Days, so you might want to check that out.

That’s it for the re-intro. I’m excited to get back on the horse. Here’s praying that this blog enjoy an abundance of helpful, worthwhile content and suffer no glitches and hitches this time around, technical or otherwise.


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