Hi! Welcome to Our Lemonade Days! It’s a real pleasure to have you drop by for a visit. I’m Ivy and on this website, I share my conscious pursuit of positivity for my family. I write about the daily endeavor to make beautiful memories and memorable moments not only for the four five of us, but for the people we interact with as well.

I mentioned that it would be a conscious effort since it’s not in my nature to be positive at all. I was born serious and basically had the disposition of a thundercloud growing up. I did – wallowed in, actually – the requisite adolescent angst, and continued in anger for a few more years before I finally paid attention to the God I’d all the while been professing to worship and allowed him to set me straight.

Indubitably, humbling myself and getting to know Jesus on a personal level made an immense change in me. I’m a distant, distant cry from the person I used to be. And while God has set me free from the wretched demons of my past, I still struggle with a tendency toward perfectionism and pessimism, a decidedly disastrous combination.

The above statement probably gives you an idea why I decided to call my site Our Lemonade Days. “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade,” goes the tired cliché, but wouldn’t many lives be of better quality if more people took the saying to heart? Admittedly, I’m the type of person who’d be frustrated at having lemons when what I really wanted were strawberries. I’d probably give the lemons away, toss them into the garbage can, or put them in the fridge, forget about them until they’re all shriveled, in which case they also end up in the compost bin.

If the concept of the metaphor were to translate to my life, it simply means that I usually have very concrete ideas of what I’d like, but I could only get to that end if things were just so; this indicates a tendency to put off living until the conditions are just right. I don’t need to tell you that it’s a very unhealthy attitude to take. Thankfully, I’ve learned to battle it with the steadfast lessons coming from God, the unwavering joy with which He gifted us, the maturity resulting from faith, and the fear that my family would suffer from this unfortunate trait of mine.

So here I go in my attempt to document and share how God guides me in the stewardship He has given me, how I choose to act upon the inspiration I get from the amazing people I have the honor of knowing personally or those I simply have the pleasure of encountering and getting to know online.

It is my hope that this site benefits not only me, but other people as well somehow. I hope that it serve as encouragement and inspiration to other people who can relate to my situation, which you’ve probably already inferred is not exactly what my inherent self would find to be the ideal setting for working on the lifestyle I desire for my family. The old me would have chosen to suspend any effort until we got our act together and placed ourselves in the right setting (to give you a better idea, let me add that I would probably be in an unbecoming, frustrated little snit the entire time, probably also pathetic with self-pity) but God has taught me to be grateful for what we have, which is, in fact, plenty.

I’ve also learned to wait on God, but to try my best at working toward my goals at the same time. God is pretty clear in His direction, so it’s really easy to just depend on Him and have Him lead our family both in the day-by-day arrangement and in the bigger picture. We can count on Him to teach us to turn the disguised blessing of lemons not only to lemonade, but to lemon squares, lemon meringue pie and other lemony goodies as well.

For further details on our setup, read my very first entry. Thanks for the visit and I hope you can drop by again, or even better, subscribe so you’ll receive my posts either through email or RSS feed.

(Disclosure: I will be using affiliate links, publish sponsored posts at times, and occasionally do reviews of products/companies for giveaways. You can expect that my recommendations would only involve products I have personally used or believe would be beneficial to my readers. Thanks!)