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mini cinnamon rolls

Happy Food: Mini Cinnamon Rolls with Cream Cheese Frosting

How does cinnamon affect you? They say that it’s a very healthy spice, and while I’m sure that’s true, cinnamon usually has another kind of positive effect on many people. Its smell and taste evoke the atmosphere of Christmas. This is certainly true for me. I just love the aroma of baking with cinnamon. Cinnamon […]

blue and yellow bubble bath

Summer Fun: Colored Bubble Bath

Since summer began, Marguerite has been having bubble baths about twice a week. She’d have one everyday if given the choice, but we don’t want to use up so much water. Anyway, now that it’s May, bubble baths are getting old, so to make them more fun, I looked for a way to make the […]

hummus and chapati

Healthy Snack: Hummus and Chapati

My husband grew up in Dubai and often has a hankering for Middle Eastern or Mediterranean dishes. I love food that’s rich in flavor, so I’m usually ready to fall in with these cravings when he has them. Something from his childhood that we can easily make at home is hummus, and except for the […]


Sour Days: Pack Rat Forced to Declutter

Things around here have been on the sour side lately. I know I was supposed to just post about the sweet stuff, but this is related to the whole blogging endeavor. There was a recent decree to get rid of all the garbage that was accumulating in our pathetically small space, so with reluctance from […]

Image grabbed from TickledPeachStudio.com. Click to access free printable.

Fishy Fun with Pipe Cleaners and Free Printable from Tickled Peach Studio

Pipe cleaners are something that I like to keep handy at home for craft projects and general fun. I was looking for activities to entertain my kids with when I came across this idea on a Pinterest board. My daughter has had several several sets of plastic fish with metal studs in their mouth when […]

Chocolate Chip Cupcakes with Chocolate Buttercream Frosting in Paper Chic Studio Candy Cups

Tea Fare: Chocolate Chip Cupcakes with Chocolate Buttercream Frosting, Plus My Loot from Dainty Mom

My daugther and I are big on tea parties (Cameron is ready to fall in with anything that involves eating), which is why I’m always trying to learn recipes for possible tea fare. This is actually the first time I attempted cupcakes, although I’ve made lots of sheet cakes in the past. I wanted to […]


Madeleines – Not Your Average Butch Cookies with Chunks

Baking madeleines has been in my yearly 365 Things To Do List for the past seven years. It remained unticked until last night when I finally, FINALLY made some – and it was a hit on the first try. The kids loved it; so did my parents. The main hindrance to my baking madeleines in […]

Picture taken from their Twitter Page. Click image to get there.

Homeschoolers We Love: Cimorelli

I don’t know much about contemporary music. I pretty much got stuck in a grunge era pocket and never got out. To date, my idea of a cool outfit is a baby doll dress with Doc Martens. My lipstick shade of choice is some kind of matte maroon. Mainstream music meant Lisa Loeb’s “Stay”. Any […]


Homemade Chocsicles: Sweet Summer Treat

I’m not a fan of heat. Between that and the cold, I’d choose the latter. I like the cold, in fact. All you have to do is layer clothes and get a cozy fire going. When it’s hot, you can only remove so many clothes before you’re in your birthday suit. Also, the cold clears […]

clothes pegs craft

Creative Fun with Clothes Pegs

This little crafty trick is something I picked up from Handimania yet again. I make it a point to have a stash of wooden pegs handy since we use them a lot for art, but this was the first time I encountered this particular project. It’s fun in the way pop-up books, puppets, and that […]

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Another Beginning: Meet the Gozes

Hi! We’re the Gozes and we blog over here at Our Lemonade Days. I’m Ivy, the mom and wife, also the main writer. I’ve been married to Mark for 8 years and we now have two children: 6.5-year-old Marguerite and 18-month-old Cameron. We’re a Christian homeschooling family aiming to fill our days with faith, love, […]

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On y va à Paris – Exploring Paper Paris

Do you have any place on this planet that has you aching to be there – at least, when you pause to indulge in fancies and think about it? I have several, but I think it’s pretty accurate to say that at the top of my list is Paris. I love it with a passion […]

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